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Over 15 years experience in the window tinting industry

About Us

Wide Bay Tinting was founded by Robert Armatys.

With over 15 years experience in the window tinting industry. Ensuring the highest quality in film installation, we take the extra steps needed for a quality finish. Specializing in Automotive, residential and commercial window tinting.


We can supply and install a wide variety of products to suit your needs.

Metalised Films

Solar Gard HP Supreme

The best-of-the-best in a hybrid film. A colour-stable metal hybrid with excellent solar heat-rejecting performance. Backed by a lifetime warranty, HP Supreme also offers superior optical clarity with one of the darkest VLTs available at 4%.

Key Benefits
  • Guaranteed against fading or colour change
  • High heat rejection
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • Blocks more than 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Available in seven shades
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Ceramic Films

Solar Gard Ceramic Vortex ®️

State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities make it possible to deliver a film that offers unprecedented heat rejection, increased glare control and outstanding UV rejection. With several different shades to choose from, this nano ceramic film will keep the inside of your car significantly cooler, for ultimate driving comfort. You’ll also be driving in style and get all the privacy you need.

Features and Benefits
  • Advanced ceramic technology rejects up to 96% of infrared rays
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection up to 65%
  • Blocks more than 99% of skin-cancer-causing UV rays
  • SPF 285+
  • Signal-friendly so it won’t interfere with mobile phones, GPS navigation, satellite radio and other electronic devices
  • Increased safety – keeps shattered glass together
  • Helps reduce fading
  • Rich black colour, minimising uncomfortable glare
  • Many shades available from dark to light, accommodating any driver’s preference
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Residential and Commercial

With a huge range of films available, there is a few important factors in choosing the right product. Here are some of my personal preferences that look great and stand up to the harsh environment we have.

Solar Gard

Quantum Series

Created using ground breaking technology for maximum heat control and colour stability, Quantum tints offer high heat and glare rejection.

Key Benefits
  • Low visible reflectivity provides uncompromising views to the outside while maintaining the natural appearance of the exterior
  • High heat rejection saves on cooling costs and improves indoor comfort
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Solar Gard

Night Scene Series

Solar Gard Night Scene (Grey/Silver/Grey 10) combines excellent glare control and heat rejection with extremely low mirror appearance. The black tinted glass look from Night Scene offers good privacy during the day and enables you to maintain your views to the outside at night time. Night Scene brings you the best of both worlds.

Solar Gard

TrueVue Series

TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximise heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.

Key Benefits
  • Reflective exterior maximises heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time
  • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night
  • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

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